nLab slice spectral sequence




tower diagram/filteringspectral sequence of a filtered stable homotopy type
filtered chain complexspectral sequence of a filtered complex
Postnikov towerAtiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence
chromatic towerchromatic spectral sequence
skeleta of simplicial objectspectral sequence of a simplicial stable homotopy type
skeleta of Sweedler coring of E-∞ algebraAdams spectral sequence
filtration by support
slice filtrationslice spectral sequence


On slice spectral sequence in motivic homotopy theory:

  • Vladimir Voevodsky, Open problems in the motivic stable homotopy theory. I, Motives, polylogarithms and Hodge theory, Part I (Irvine, CA, 1998), Int. Press Lect. Ser., vol. 3, Int. Press, Somerville, MA, 2002, pp. 3–34. MR MR1977582 (2005e:14030)

In equivariant stable homotopy theory:

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