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The topos of recursive sets, or, for short, the recursive topos , is a Grothendieck topos \mathcal{R} that provides a cartesian closed context to do higher order recursion theory in. It can be viewed as a discrete analogue to the topological topos.


Let R\mathbf{R} be the monoid of all total recursive functions \mathbb{N}\to\mathbb{N} under concatenation viewed as a category with one object \mathbb{N}. Consider the coverage J()J(\mathbb{N}) whose covers consist of finite families of maps (f i:|1in)(f_i:\mathbb{N}\to\mathbb{N} {}|{} 1\leq i \leq n) such that iIm(f i)=\cup_i Im(f_i)=\mathbb{N}.

The recursive topos is defined as =Sh(R,J)\mathcal{R}=Sh(\mathbf{R}, J).



\mathcal{R} is a local topos i.e. the global section functor Γ:Set\Gamma:\mathcal{R}\to Set has a right adjoint: ΓB:Set\Gamma\dashv B: Set\to \mathcal{R}.

This appears as prop.1.5 in Mulry (1982). BB maps a set XX to the sheaf X X^{\mathbb{N}} of sequences of elements in XX.


The object D\mathbb{R}_D of Dedekind real numbers corresponds to the sheaf of sequences of real numbers r n\langle r_n\rangle satisfying:

For all n +n\in \mathbb{N}^+ there exists a finite recursive cover A 1,A kA_1,\dots A_k such that for all m 1,m 2m_1, m_2 in A iA_i (i=1,,k)(i=1,\dots,k), |r m 2r m 1|<1/n|r_{m_2}-r_{m_1}|\lt 1/n.

This is prop.4.1 in Mulry (1982).


The recursive topos was introduced in

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A comparison with the effective topos is in chapter 6 of

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