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An endofunctor S:𝒜𝒜S \colon \mathcal{A}\to \mathcal{A} is called pointed if it is equipped with a natural transformation σ:Id 𝒜S\sigma \colon Id_\mathcal{A} \to S from the identity functor.

(Beware that is not quite the notion of a pointed object in the endo-functor category, since the identity functor is not in general a terminal object there. See the remark there.)


A pointed endofunctor (S,σ)(S, \sigma) (Def. ) is called well-pointed if Sσ=σSS\sigma = \sigma S as natural transformations SSSS \longrightarrow S \circ S.

The dual notion is known as a well-copointed endofunctor.


Well-pointed endofunctors have a particularly well-behaved free algebra sequence; see transfinite construction of free algebras.


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