nLab meta steering committee




There is nobody who would be the one in charge of the nLab .

But for all matters where an official decision-taking process is unavoidable we have a few regular contributors assembled voluntarily in a “steering committee”.

The hope is that the steering committee will be mainly superfluous. But that it does serve as a decision-taking body in cases where without an official decision being taken the whole nnLab project would run into trouble.


If you feel you want to send a message to the closest of “those in charge of the nnLab”, please don’t send around private emails to steering committee members, unless your message is really strictly not suitable for a general public. Instead:

Post a message to the nForum under category General.

There the steering committee members can see it, but also everyone else can. Which is good because, remember, the steering committee is not meant to be “in charge”. It only is so when everything else fails.


Members of the nnLab steering committee currently include

David Corfield, David Roberts, Mike Shulman, Toby Bartels, Todd Trimble.

The primordial steering committee was formed in this nn-Forum discussion.

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