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Bob Coecke

Selected writings

On quantum protocols in quantum information theory (such as quantum teleportation) formalized as string diagrams in the dagger-compact category of finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces (quantum information theory via dagger-compact categories):

Survey in contrast to quantum logic:

More on the use of string diagrams in quantum information theory via dagger-compact categories:

Textbook accounts:

Motivation and introduction basic concepts of category theory for an audience familiar with standard physics and in particular with quantum mechanics (see also higher category theory and physics):

The article focuses towards the end on monoidal categories, their description in terms of string diagrams and on quantum mechanics in terms of dagger-compact categories.

On quantum measurement formulated in finite quantum mechanics in terms of dagger-compact categories in terms of Frobenius algebras and the quantum reader monad:

Introducting the ZX-calculus:

Discussion of DisCoPy:

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