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A super Riemann surface is the analog of a Riemann surface in supergeometry.


A Riemann surface with spin structure that is also a branched cover of P (1|1)\mathbb{C}P^{(1 \vert 1)} is canonically endowed with the structure of a super Riemann surface with Ramond punctures? (Donagi-Witten 15). This implies that adinkras encode certain very special super Riemann surfaces Doran & Iga & Landweber & Mendez-Diez 13.


The concept of super Riemann surfaces originates with the following articles:

  • Daniel Friedan, Notes On String Theory and 2-Dimensional Conformal Field Theory. 1986

  • M.A. Baranov, Albert Schwarz, On the Multiloop Contribution to the String Theory Int.J.Mod.Phys., A2:1773, 1987

  • Yuri Manin, Critical Dimensions of String Theories and the Dualizing Sheaf on the Moduli Space of (Super) Curves, Funct.Anal.Appl., 20:244-245,


  • Steve Giddings, P. Nelson, The Geometry of super Riemann surfaces, Commun. Math. Phys., 116, (1988), 607

Further discussion of the moduli space of super Riemann surfaces includes the following:

Discussion of super Riemann surfaces induced by supermultiplets for NN-extended d=1d = 1 supersymmetry – via adinkra symbols, is due to

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