Eran Palti

Selected writings

On string phenomenology:

On intersecting D-brane models in type IIB string theory and F-theory:

  • Anshuman Maharana, Eran Palti, Models of Particle Physics from Type IIB String Theory and F-theory: A Review (arXiv:1212.0555)

On computation of Yukawa couplings in heterotic string theory:

On the landscape of string theory vacua for heterotic string theory via heterotic line bundle models;

On F-theory on Spin(7)-manifolds and Witten's Dark Fantasy:

On M-theory on 8-manifolds, F-theory on Spin(7)-manifolds and G-structures:

On the swampland and the weak gravity conjecture:

On string vacuum amplitudes

  • Eran Palti, The IIA/B superstring one-loop vacuum amplitude (pdf)
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