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Eric Sharpe works on theoretical physics related to string theory with an emphasis on structural aspects and mathematical formalization. He got his Phd under Edward Witten.

Sharpe has early on realized the role of higher differential geometry in the form of stacks and gerbes in string theory. He identified string theorists’s “discrete torsion” with the equivariant cohomology of bundle gerbes on orbifolds (Sharpe 99, Sharpe 01) and he was the first to consider the possibility that target spaces for string sigma-models may themselves be stacks/gerbes (Pantev-Sharpe 05a, Pantev-Sharpe 05b, Hellerman-Sharpe 10).

More recently he has been investigating quantum sheaf cohomology.

In (Sharpe 15) he lays out a general perspective of the role of 2-group and generally n-group (infinity-group) global higher gauge symmetry in quantum field theory and string theory.

Selected writings

On discrete torsion:

On stacks as target spaces for sigma-models:

On heterotic string vacua:

On elliptic genera of Landau-Ginzburg models:

On quantum sheaf cohomology:

On duality in string theory in view of category theory and higher geometry:

Discussion of the Hilbert schemes of points of ADE-singularities:

On orbifolds by 2-groups in view of sigma-models inspired from string theory:

On quantum K-theory rings:

On gauged linear sigma-models:

Selected talks

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