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Francis Borceux is a category theorist at Louvain (Belgium).


On category theory, and categorical algebra:

On nonabelian homological algebra, such as its diagram chasing lemmas, in Mal'cev categories, protomodular categories, semi-abelian categories and homological categories:


  • F. Borceux, George Janelidze, Galois theories, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics 72

  • Francis Borceux, Gilberte Van den Bossche, Algebra in a localic topos with applications to ring theory, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1038, Springer 1983, ix+240 pp. MR85h:18005

Introduction to topos theory:

Some other papers

  • F. Borceux, I. Stubbe, A short introduction to enriched categories, pdf

  • Francis Borceux, Gilberte Van Den Bossche, Recovering a frame from its sheaves of algebras, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 28, 2, May 1983, 141-154, doi

  • Francis Borceux, On algebraic localizations, MR84c:18007, in Category theory (Gummersbach, 1981), pp. 13–22, Lecture Notes in Math. 962, Springer 1982.

That paper in the LNM Gummersbach volume has only short sketches of proofs. There is a larger French preprint version with full proofs:

  • Francis Borceux, Sur les localisations algébriques, Preprint, Rapp. Sém. Math. Pures, Univ. Louvain, Louvain, Belgium, 1981

On monoid objects in monoidal categories:

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