Handbook of Categorical Algebra


Topos Theory

topos theory



Internal Logic

Topos morphisms

Extra stuff, structure, properties

Cohomology and homotopy

In higher category theory


Category Theory

This entry is to record the monograph on category theory and topos theory.

  • Francis Borceux, Handbook of Categorical Algebra, Cambridge University Press (1994)

    Vol. 1: Basic Category Theory, gBooks

Introduction; 1. The language of categories; 2. Limits; 3. Adjoint functors; 4. Generators and projectives; 5. Categories of fractions; 6. Flat functors and Cauchy completeness; 7. Bicategories and distributors; 8. Internal category theory; Bibliography; Index.

Vol. 2: Categories and Structures, gBooks

Preface; Introduction to the handbook; 1. Abelian categories; 2. Regular categories; 3. Algebraic theories; 4. Monads; 5. Accessible categories; 6. Enriched category theory; 7. Topological categories; 8. Fibred categories; Bibliography; Index.

3: Categories of Sheaves, gBooks

3rd vol. ToC pdf

A review of the book may be found in: Bull. London Math. Soc. 28:4, 440-442, doi

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