nLab Francis J. Murray

Selected writings

Selected writings

Introducing the theory of what came to be known as von Neumann algebra factors:

The classification of factors into types I, II, III and the construction of examples not of type I:

Discussion of traces on these factors:

On isomorphism of factors and proof of a single isomorphism class of approximately finite type II 1II_1 factors:

On decomposing von Neumann algebras as a direct integral of factors:

Recollection of the history which made von Neumann turn to discussion of these “factors”, motivated from considerations in the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum logic:

  • Miklos Rédei, Why John von Neumann did not Like the Hilbert Space formalism of quantum mechanics (and what he liked instead), Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 27 4 (1996) 493-510 [doi:10.1016/S1355-2198(96)00017-2]
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