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Selected works

John von Neumann (German: Johann von Neumann; Hungarian: Neumann János Lajos) was a Hungarian mathematician.

He defended his PhD thesis in 1925 advised by Lipót Fejér, with the title Az általános halmazelmélet axiomatikus felépítése (Axiomatic construction of general set theory), which introduced the NBG set theory, as well as classes and von Neumann ordinals.

Selected works

On set theory:

  • J. v. Neumann, Eine Axiomatisierung der Mengenlehre, Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik 154 (1925), 219–240. doi.

PhD thesis (journal version):

  • J. v. Neumann, Die Axiomatisierung der Mengenlehre, Mathematische Zeitschrift 27 (1928), 669–752. doi.

On Hermitian operators and introducing the formal definition of Hilbert spaces:

On the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics based on Hilbert spaces of quantum states:

On quantum logic:

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