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Selected writings

Selected writings

On electroweak symmetry breaking:

On the flavour problem:

On flavour physics and flavour anomalies:

On leptoquarks and flavour anomalies:

Further on the flavour anomalies

With the recent result [[of LHCb]], for the first time a single observable affected by negligible theoretical uncertainties exhibits a deviation from the SM exceeding the 3σ3 \sigma level. Equally striking is the overall coherence of the picture that emerges, especially in bs + b \to s \ell^+ \ell^- −transitions. As we shall show in this paper, combining all the bs + b \to s \ell^+ \ell^-−observables in a very conservative way, the significance of the New Physics (NP) hypothesis formulated in 2014–2015 of a purely left-handed LFU-violating contact interaction has now reached a significance of 4.6σ4.6 \sigma.

[][\ldots] A more structural way of addressing the flavor structure of the model is the idea of implementing Pati-Salam unification

  • Davide Lancierini, Gino Isidori, Patrick Owen, Nicola Serra, On the significance of new physics in bs + b \to s \ell^+ \ell^- decays (arXiv:2104.05631)

  • Gino Isidori, Davide Lancierini, Abhijit Mathad, Patrick Owen, Nicola Serra, Rafael Silva Coutinho, A general effective field theory description of bsl +l b \to s l^+ l^- lepton universality ratios (arXiv:2110.09882)

On flavour anomalies via leptoquarks in Pati-Salam GUT\,on branes:

Textbook on the flavour anomalies:

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