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A core ingredient of the standard model of particle physics is electroweak symmetry breaking, the spontaneous symmetry breaking of the electroweak field via the Higgs mechanism.


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Discussion of electroweak symmetry breaking by effective field theory and in analogy to chiral perturbation theory of quantum hadrodynamics:

  • A. Dobado, J. R. Pelaez, On the Equivalence Theorem in the chiPT\chiPT Description of the Symmetry Breaking Sector of the Standard Model, Nucl. Phys. B425:110-136, 1994; ERRATUM-ibid. B434:475, 1995 (arXiv:hep-ph/9401202)

  • Gino Isidori, Effective theories of electroweak symmetry breaking, PoS CD09:073, 2009 (arXiv:0911.3219)

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