nLab Jeff Smith

Selected writings

Introducing the nilpotence theorem in stable homotopy theory:

On homotopy commutative diagrams:

Introducing Delta-generated topological spaces:

  • Jeff Smith, A really convenient category of topological spaces (unpublished and possibly non-existent, according to Dugger 03, p. 4)

After Jeff Smith presented his recognition theorem for combinatorial model categories at a conference in Barcelona, its first appearance in a publication is apparently

  • Tibor Beke, Lemma 1.8 in: Sheafifiable homotopy model categories , Math. Proc. Cambr. Phil. Soc. 129 (2000), 447–475 (arXiv:math/0102087)

On generalized cup products:

On derived functors such as homotopy limit-functors on model categories and more general homotopical categories:

Much of the theory of combinatorial model categories goes back to unpublished work by Jeff Smith: see for instance

Other contributions include:

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