nLab William Dwyer

William G. Dwyer is a mathematician at the University of Notre Dame.

Selected articles

On the GG-Borel model structure and its Quillen equivalence with the slice model structure over the simplicial classifying space W¯G\overline W G:

On simplicial localization:

On derived hom-spaces (function complexes) in projective model structures on simplicial presheaves:

On (enhancement and generalization of) Elmendorf's theorem in equivariant homotopy theory:

Introducing the model structure on simplicial groupoids:

On homotopy commutative diagrams:

On p-compact groups:

Introducing the Dwyer-Wilkerson H-space:

On homotopy theory and model categories:

On homotopy theoretic methods in group cohomology:

On derived functors such as homotopy limit-functors on model categories and more general homotopical categories:

On localization in homotopy theory:

On homotopy theory and classifying spaces:

  • William Dwyer, Homotopy theory of classifying spaces, Lecture notes, Copenhagen 2008, (pdf, pdf)
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