Jerzy Król


Król has been speculating about applications of category theory, topos theory and higher category theory to fundamental physics, notably in the study of gravity, gauge theory quantum gravity and string theory (see also: n-categorical physics).

  • Jerzy Król Background independence in quantum gravity and forcing constructions Found. of Physics, 34, (2004), 361–403

  • Jerzy Król Exotic smoothness and non-commutative spaces.the model-theoretic approach Found. of Physics, 34, (2004), 843–869

  • Jerzy Król Model theory and the AdS/CFT correspondence presented at the IPM String School and Workshop, Queshm Island, Iran, 05–14. 01. 2005, arXiv

  • Jerzy Król A model for spacetime: The role of interpretation in some grothendieck topoi Found. Phys., 36, (2006), 1070–∞

  • Jerzy Król A model for spacetime ii. the emergence of higher dimensions and field theory/strings dualities Found. Phys., 36 (2006), 1778–∞

  • Jerzy Król Structure of spacetime and topos theory talk presented at 42 nd Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics, Lądek Zdrój, 5–11. 02. 2006, Int. J. Geom. Meth. Mod. Phys. 4 No3, 1–7 (2007)

  • Jerzy Król Higher YM theories and the compactification in string theory Acta Phys. Polon. B38 (2007) 3641–3646

  • Jerzy Król Higher symmetry of gravity and the cosmological constant problem PASCOS2008, Waterloo, Kanada, (2008).

  • Jerzy Król 22-Groups and gravity talk presented at The Jubilee 40th Symposium on Mathematical Physics “Geometry & Quanta” Toruń, June 25–28, 2008

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