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Lepage forms are certain differential forms on jet bundles. When of maximal horizontal degree then they may be identified with sums L+θ\mathbf{L} + \theta of a local Lagrangian L\mathbf{L} with its induced presymplectic potential current θ\theta (as discussed at covariant phase space).

Lepage forms play a central role in the theory of variational sequences.



Given a smooth bundle EΣE \to \Sigma, then a differential n-form ρ\rho on its jet bundle Jet(E)Jet(E) is called a Lepage form if for every vector field vv on the jet bundle, the horizontal part h(ι vdρ)h(\iota_v \mathbf{d}\rho) (with respect to the variational bicomplex) of the contraction of vv into the de Rham differential of ρ\rho depends only on the projection of vv to a vector field on EE itself.

e.g. GMS 09, 2.1.2

In variational calculus

Let Σ\Sigma be of dimension nn. Then a horizontal nn-form LΩ n,0(Jet(E))\mathbf{L} \in \Omega^{n,0}(Jet(E)), may be regarded a local Lagrangian. Its de Rham differential has a unique decomposition

dL=Ed Hθ d \mathbf{L} = \mathbf{E} - d_H \theta

where EE is a source form, the Euler-Lagrange form of L\mathbf{L}, and θ\theta, the induced presymplectic potential current, is defined up to addition of a horizontally exact form (e.g. Zuckerman 87, section 2).

Then the combination

ρL+θ \rho \coloneqq \mathbf{L} + \theta

is a Lepage form, and in fact such a form being Lepage is equivalent to dL+d hθd \mathbf{L} + d_h \theta being a source form.

The differential

dρ=E+ω d \rho = \mathbf{E} + \omega

is the sum of the Euler-Lagrange form and the presymplectic current density ω=d Vθ\omega = d_V \theta.


Lepage was a student of Théophile de Donder and did his work on the calculus of variations around the 1930s. Only much later, Krupka was responsible for naming Lepage forms around the 1970s.

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Exposition of variational calculus in terms of jet bundles and Lepage forms and aimed at examples from physics is in

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