nLab Mauro Porta

Selected works

  • Mauro Porta, Francesco Salla, Two-dimensional categorified Hall algebras, J. Eur. Math. Soc. 25:3 (2023) 1113-1205 doi

  • Mauro Porta, Derived formal moduli problems, master thesis 2013, pdf

  • Duiliu-Emanuel Diaconescu, Mauro Porta, Francesco Sala, McKay correspondence, cohomological Hall algebras and categorification, arXiv:2004.13685

  • Mauro Porta, Tony Yue Yu, Higher analytic stacks and GAGA theorems, Adv. Math. 302 (2016) 351-409 arXiv:1412.5166 doi

  • Mauro Porta, Tony Yue Yu, Derived non-archimedean analytic spaces, Selecta Math. New Ser. 24, 609-665 (2018) arXiv:1601.00859 doi

  • Julian Holstein, Mauro Porta, Analytification of mapping stacks, arXiv:1812.09300

  • Mauro Porta, Derived complex analytic geometry I: GAGA theorems, arXiv:1506.09042

  • Mauro Porta, Derived complex analytic geometry II: square-zero extensions, arXiv:1507.06602

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