nLab Nicola Gambino

Nicola Gambino is associate professor of mathematics at Manchester.

Selected writings

On inductive types in homotopy type theory via homotopy-initial algebras over an endofunctor:

and analogously on higher inductive types:

On the constructive model structure on simplicial sets:

On Kripke-Joyal semantics and forcing in homotopy type theory:

Including discussion of enriched profunctors\ bimodules, in the context of operads and analytic functors:

From the AMS website: The authors develop further the theory of operads and also analytic functors. In particular, they introduce the bicategory OpdBim of operad bimodules, that has operads as 0-cells, operad bimodules as 1-cells and operad bimodule maps as 2-cells, and prove that it is cartesian closed. In order to obtain this result, the authors extend the theory of distributors and the formal theory of monads.

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