Nora Ganter

Research program


  • Stringy power operations in Tate K-theory, math.AT/0701565
  • Inner products of 2-representations,
  • Hecke operators in equivariant elliptic cohomology and generalized moonshine, arxiv/0706.2898
  • Nora Ganter, Mikhail Kapranov, Representation and character theory in 2-categories, Adv. Math. 217 (2008), no. 5, 2268-2300, math.AT/0602510; Symmetric and exterior powers of categories, arxiv/1110.4753
  • Orbifold genera, product formulas and power operations, Adv. Math. 205 (2006), no. 1, 84-133 (revised Ph. D. Thesis) math.AT/0407021
  • N. Ganter, M. Ando, C. French, The Jacobi orientation adn the two-variable elliptic genus, Algebraic and Geometric Topology 8, 493-539, 2008, math.AG/0605554
  • Smash products of E(1)-local spectra at an odd prime, Cah. Topol. Geom. Differ. Categ. 48 (2007), no.1, 3-54, math.CT/0410589
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