nLab Ruben Minasian

Selected writings

Selected writings

On D-brane charge in topological K-theory:

On string-string duality and duality between heterotic and type II string theory:

On I8:

On higher curvature corrections in type II supergravity and in D=11 supergravity:

On M5-branes and their quantum anomaly-cancellation:

On type II geometry and non-geometric vacua:

On generalized Calabi-Yau spaces:

On supersymmetric cycles:

On U-duality and 8-dimensional supergravity:

On M-theory on Calabi-Yau manifolds:

On generalized Calabi-Yau manifolds:

On BPS-states in string theory/supergravity using G-structures:

On sphere fiber bundles as Kaluza-Klein compactifications in supergravity and string theory:

On D=8 supergravity:

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