Michael Duff

Selected writing

Michael Duff is professor of theoretical physics at Imperial College London. He made foundational contributions to string theory and M-theory.

Among his former students is Hisham Sati.

Selected writing

On Kaluza-Klein compactification

  • Michael Duff, Kaluza-Klein Theory in Perspective, Proc. of the Symposium: The Oskar Klein Centenary, World Scientific, Singapore. 1994. (arXiv:hep-th/9410046)

and specifically in supergravity:

On quantization of the M2-brane Green-Schwarz sigma-model:

On black M2-brane-solutions to D=11 supergravity:

On M-theory:

On the brane scan which classifies super pp-brane sigma-models given by Green-Schwarz action functionals:

  • Michael Duff, Supermembranes: the first fifteen weeks CERN-TH.4797/87 (1987) (scan)

On string-string duality:

and specifically on the I8-term:

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