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The Selberg integral is a higher-dimensional generalization of the integral representation of Euler’s beta function due Alte Selberg. Many further “Selberg-type” generalizations appear in the study of multidimensional generalizations of hypergeometric functions, arrangements of hyperplanes, Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation, representation theory of quantum and affine Lie algebras and of vertex operator algebras, random matrix theory etc. There is also an elliptic generalization, see elliptic Selberg integral.

0 1 0 1(u 1u p) x1[(1u 1)(1u p)] y1( i<j(u ju i)) 2zdu 1du p= s=1 pΓ(1+sz)Γ(x+(s1)z)Γ(y+(s1)z)Γ(1+z)Γ(x+y+(p+s2)z) \int_0^1 \cdots \int_0^1 (u_1\cdots u_p)^{x-1} [(1-u_1)\cdots (1-u_p)]^{y-1} \left( \prod_{i\lt j} (u_j-u_i)\right)^{2 z} d u_1 \ldots d u_p = \prod_{s = 1}^p \frac{\Gamma(1+s z) \Gamma(x+(s-1)z)\Gamma(y+(s-1)z)}{ \Gamma(1+z)\Gamma(x+y+(p+s-2)z)}

where p>0p\gt 0 is a positive integer, Rex>0Re x\gt 0, Rey>0Re y\gt 0 , Rez>max{p 1,Rex/(p1),Rey/(p1)}Re z \gt max\{-p^{-1},- Re x/(p-1), - Re y/(p-1)\}. Notice that the discriminant i<j(u ju i)\prod_{i\lt j} (u_j-u_i) is the value of the standard Vandermonde determinant.


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