nLab Sergio Ferrara

One of the co-discoverers of supergravity (4d supergravity):

Selected writings

Introducing super Yang-Mills theory:

Introducing 4d supergravity:

Formulation of D=11 supergravity in superspace (via supergeometry):

On D=6 supergravity:

Discussion of multi-trace operators in super Yang-Mills theory and of their AdS-CFT dual gravity/string theory incarnation:

On the history and development of supersymmetry and supergravity:

  • Sergio Ferrara, Supersymmetry: Some Reflections on the Future of a Symmetry from the Future,

    talk at 2020 Breakthrough Prize Symposium (November 2019) [video:yt]

    talk at Colloqui della Classe di Scienze (December 2019) [video:yt]

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