Peter van Nieuwenhuizen

One of the co-discoveres of supergravity (4d supergravity):

Secretly introduced super L-∞ algebras in their formal dual incarnation (“FDA”s in the supergravity literature):

  • Peter van Nieuwenhuizen, Free Graded Differential Superalgebras, in Istanbul 1982, Proceedings, Group Theoretical Methods In Physics, 228-247 and CERN Geneva - TH. 3499 (spire)

Further writings

on the beginnings of supergravity:

  • van Nieuwenhuizen Some personal recollections about the discovery of supergravity, 1993 (pdf, pdf)

Part of this story also appears as

  • David Appell, When supergravity was born, 2012 (pdf)
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