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Selected writings

Selected writings

On quantum L-infinity algebras for the BV-BRST formalism:

On the classical double copy (KLT relations, relating gravity to Yang-Mills theory) via L L_\infty -algebras:

Extending double copy construction from tree level to loop level:

We show that the double copy of gauge theory amplitudes to N=0 supergravity amplitudes extends from tree level to loop level. We first explain that color-kinematics duality is a condition for the Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin operator and the action of a field theory with cubic interaction terms to double copy to a consistent gauge theory. We then apply this argument to Yang-Mills theory, where color-kinematics duality is known to be satisfied on shell at the tree level. Finally, we show that the latter restriction can only lead to terms that can be absorbed in a sequence of field redefinitions, rendering the double copied action equivalent to N=0 supergravity.

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