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Selected writings

Vaughan Pratt is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford University. Prior to his retirement in 2000 his research focused on theory and technical applications of computers. After retirement he started Tiqit Computers to promote what are now called netbooks. His current interests are in universal algebra and category theory, signal processing, principles of written and spoken communication, thin film optics, and philosophy of mind. His most recent four Ph.D. students are in acoustic signal processing, including Parham Aarabi, named to MIT’s TR35 for 2005, and Keyvan Mohajer, CEO of Melodis Corp. He is responsible for 38 of Sophus Lie’s 990 descendants.

He has written extensively on Chu spaces, taking simple examples to show the potential of the idea, and encouraging the use of generalisations of it.

Selected writings

On quantum programming via quantum logic understood as linear type theory interpreted in symmetric monoidal categories:

On Chu spaces:

On the relation between toposes and abelian categories (cf. AT-categories):

category: people

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