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Vladimir Arnold in 2008

Владимир Игоревич Арнольд (Vladimir Igorevich Arnol’d) was a Russian mathematician and mathematical physicist, working in Moscow and Paris.

Selected writings

On the real cohomology of configuration spaces of points:

The Arnold-Kuiper-Massey theorem:

  • Vladimir Arnold, Ramified covering P 2S 4\mathbb{C}P^2 \to S^4, hyperbolicity and projective topology, Siberian Math. Journal 1988, V. 29, N 5, P.36-47

  • Vladimir Arnold, On disposition of ovals of real plane algebraic curves, involutions of four-dimensional manifolds and arithmetics of integer quadratic forms, Funct. Anal. and Its Appl., 1971, V. 5, N 3, P. 1-9.

On methods of topology and homotopy theory in hydrodynamics:

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