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A. Suslin and V. Voevodsky have realized a triangulated category D b(ℳℳ k)D^b(\mathcal{MM}_k) which is supposed to be the bounded derived category of the hypothetical abelian category of mixed motives over kk, predicted by Grothendieck–Beilinson–Deligne.

There are variants developed by Hanamura and M. Levine. There is a different “derived” approach to mixed motives, namely the A 1A^1-homotopy theory of F. Morel and V. Voevodsky.

See at motive the section Contructions of the derived category of mixed motives.


Voevodsky used the derived category of mixed motives to solve Milnor's conjecture in algebraic K-theory.

See also


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Models for Voevodsky motives:

  • Peter Bonart, Triangulated Categories of Big Motives via Enriched Functors (2023) [arXiv:2310.17349]

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