nLab list of lost manuscripts in category theory

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This page is intended to list references to manuscripts in category theory (e.g. papers or books) that are cited but never became widely available. The hope is that some manuscripts may be recovered (in which case they will be uploaded here for posterity).

If you have a copy of one of the manuscripts here that is not yet uploaded, please upload it.

Do not include recent references that are likely still to appear. If the author is no longer alive, or the reference is not recent (e.g. 20 years or further), it is reasonable to include in this list. Prefer also to avoid self-references, in which authors cite their own forthcoming work that never appears, since it is likely no manuscript ever existed in this case: see list of category theory papers that never appeared.

TitleAuthorCited inContentsURL/Comments
Jon BeckMany sourcesThe monadicity theoremPDF, provided by John Kennison
Formal Category Theory IIJohn GrayTopos Theory [168]A “detailed account of internal categories from a 2-categorical point of view”According to Peter Johnstone, a manuscript was never circulated
Claude ChevalleyCategories for the Working Mathematician“A systematic treatment of all possible properties of limitsAccording to Saunders Mac Lane in CWM, the manuscript was lost by a shipping company
A note on a construction of Kleisli (1965)Michael BarrAn outline of functorial semantics, Fred Linton (1969)Universal property of the Kleisli constructionMichael Barr no longer has a copy
Relative Functorial Semantics, III: Triples vs. Theories (1974)Fred LintonFunctorial semantics and HSP type theorems, Michael Barr (1994); Monads of sets, Ernest Manes (2003)Characterisation of the Eilenberg–Moore category for an (enriched) monad as a pullback over presheaves on the Kleisli categoryRelative functorial semantics, III. Triples vs. theories. (Linton, 1974), provided by Ernie Manes (also here)
J-adjonctions et J-monades (1970)Yves DiersMonades involutives complémentées [21], René Guitart (1975)Relative monads and relative adjunctions
Extension of functors to categories of algebras (c. 1971)H. WolffMonad compositions I: general constructions and recursive distributive laws [32], Ernie Manes and Philip Mulry?

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