nLab list of theses in category theory

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This page is intended to record doctoral theses whose focus is primarily category theoretic, particularly those from earlier years that are harder to find online.

Note: the list is ordered first by year, then alphabetically by last name.

Des Catégories AbéliennesPierre Gabriel1960numdam
Functor theoryPeter Freyd1960
Functorial Semantics of Algebraic TheoriesWilliam Lawvere1963TAC reprinton algebraic theories
The Functorial Foundations of Measure TheoryFred Linton1963scan
Categories of Set Valued FunctorsMarta Bunge1966on categories of presheaves
Triples, algebras and cohomologyJon Beck1967TAC reprint
A triple miscellany: some aspects of the theory of algebras over a tripleErnest Manes1967proquest
Limit monads in categoriesAnders Kock1967proqueston lax idempotent 2-monads
Homotopy Classification of Filtered ComplexesRoss Street1968Scan
Absoluteness properties in category theoryRobert Paré1969pdfon absolute colimits
Construction of Biclosed CategoriesBrian Day1970Scan
A categorical approach to universal algebraBob Walters1970ANU repositoryon universal algebra
Self-Dual Structure-Semantics and Algebraic CategoriesMichel Thiébaud1971
Tensor and cotensor products of bifunctorsGeorge D. Reynolds1973
Some Aspects of Internal Category Theory in an Elementary ToposPeter Johnstone1974
Coherence for a closed functorGeoffrey Lewis1974UNSW repository
Théorie formelle des bicatégoriesSyméon Bozapalides1976Scanon 2-dimensional coends, enriched bicategories, etc.
Universal coalgebrasThomas Fox1976McGill repository
Indical methods for relative categoriesRichard Wood1976Dalhousie repository
Some existence theorems in the theory of doctrinesRobert Blackwell1976UNSW repository
Abstract Families of AlgebrasRobert Rosebrugh1977
CartesianessSusan Niefield1978proqueston exponentiable objects (there called “cartesian objects”)
The Theory of TriposesAndrew Pitts1981Scanon triposes
Limits in 2-categories of locally presentable categoriesGreg Bird1984Scan
Operational CategoriesColin Barry Jay1984
Pasting diagrams in n-categories with applications to coherence theorems and categories of pathsMichael Johnson1988postscript
Dialectica CategoriesValeria de Paiva1991Computer Lab Technical Report
Enriched categories, internal categories and change of baseDominic Verity1992TAC reprint
Cauchy completion in enriched categoriesScott Russell Johnson1993ANU repository
Cobordism CategoriesSean Carmody1995
The algebra of distributive and extensive categoriesStephen Lack1995
Groupoid Representations for Sheaves on OrbifoldsDorette Pronk1995
Internal categories and quantum groupsMarcelo Aguiar1997pdf
Higher-Dimensional Category Theory: Opetopic FoundationsEugenia Cheng2002pdf
PolycategoriesRichard Garner2006PDFon polycategories via Kleisli bicategories and mixed distributive laws
An algebraic theory of tricategoriesNick Gurski2007pdf
Bigroupoid 2-torsorsIgor Baković2008doion principal 2-bundles
Double Categories and Base Change in Homotopy TheoryMichael Shulman2009
Codescent objects in 2-dimensional universal algebraJohn Bourke2010pdfon codescent objects and 2-dimensional generalisations of internal categories
Homology operations in the spectral sequence of a cosimplicial spacePhilip Hackney2010pdf
Fundamental bigroupoids and 2-covering spacesDavid Roberts2010Adelaide repository
Algebraic Model StructuresEmily Riehl2011pdf
Grothendieck categories of enriched functorsHassan Al Hwaeer2014core
Generalization of Algebraic Operations via EnrichmentChristina Vasilakopoulou2014arXiv
Three studies in higher category theory: fibrations, skew monoidal structures and excision of extremalsMitchell Buckley2015Macquarie repository
Synthetic Lie theoryMatthew Burke2015Macquarie repository
Sketches in higher category theoryRemy Vincent Tuyeras2015Macquarie repository
A higher categorical approach to Giraud’s non-abelian cohomologyAlexander Campbell2016Macquarie repository
The Algebra of Open and Interconnected SystemsBrendan Fong2016arXiv
Oplax actions and enriched icons with applications to coalgebroids and quantum categoriesRamón Abud Alcalá2017Macquarie repository
Tangent bundles, monoidal theories, and Weil algebrasPoon Leung2017Macquarie repository
The Way of the DaggerMartti Karvonen2018arXiv
Morphisms of 2-dimensional structures with applicationsBranko Nikolić2018Macquarie repository
Compact symmetric multicategories and the problem of loopsSophie Raynor2018Aberdeen repository
Homotopy theory of Grothendieck ∞-groupoids and ∞-categoriesEdoardo Lanari2019Macquarie repository
Restriction presheaves and restriction colimitsDaniel Lin2019Macquarie repository
Structures in two dimensional category theory and applications to polynomial functorsCharles Walker2019Macquarie repository
The Scott adjunctionIvan Di Liberti2020arXiv
The Gray tensor product for 2-quasi-categoriesYuki Maehara2020Macquarie repository
Toposes of Monoid ActionsMorgan Rogers?2021arXiv
Monadic and Higher-Order StructureNathanael Arkor2022Cambridge repository
Pseudomonads, Relative Monads and Strongly Finitary Notions of MulticategoryGabriele Lobbia2022Leeds repository
Topics in the theory of enriched accessible categoriesGiacomo Tendas2022Macquarie repository

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