nLab math institutions


See also math blogs, math archives and the top page math resources. This page is for quick links to the main institutes and to the lists of most societies and departments.


Main math societies and lists

Main research institutes

Please do not list small unimportant institutions, they will be included in existing long lists which we will link to. This list should be for quick access and short reminder to resources.

Europe including Russia



  • Clay Mathematical Institute
  • IAS Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton (and Park City)
  • AIM American Institute of Mathematics
  • KITP Santa Barbara (Theoretical Physics)
  • Courant Institute, New York
  • CRM Montreal
  • Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada
  • Banff Research Institute Station (BIRS), Canada
  • PIMS Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
  • Perimeter Institute in Theoretical Physics
  • IMPA Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Global and lists

  • list of math institutes at
  • IMSI consortium of math institutes (long list included!)
  • Math Research Institute list at Open Directory
  • physics institutes – long list maintained at CERN

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