nLab metaplectic quantization



Symplectic geometry

Geometric quantization



A variant of geometric quantization. Given a symplectic manifold equipped with Mp^c structure, metaplectic quantization forms instead of the geometric prequantum line bundle the symplectic spinor bundle and lets a symplectic Dirac operation induced by a choice of symplectic connection act on its sections (wavefunctions).


The original article is

  • K. Habermann, An Mp cMp^c-spinorial approach to a geometric-type quantization for symplectic manifolds, in Fritz Gesztesy, et al. (eds.), Stochastic processes, physics and geometry: New interplays, vol. II. CMS Conf. Proc. 29, 259-268 (2000).

Review includes

  • Alexander Cardona, Geometric and Metaplectic quantization (pdf)

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