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A generalization of associative quasigroup to n-ary operations.


Given a natural number nn, an nn-ary group is a set SS that both an n-ary semigroup and an n-ary quasigroup.


A binary group is not a group. Binary groups are associative quasigroups, as they can be empty.



An n-ary identity element is an element ee such that any string of nn elements consisting of all ee‘s, apart from one place, is mapped to the element at that place.


Every n-ary group with an n-ary identity element is a group, with the n-ary group operation being simply repeated application of a group’s binary operation.


The above theorem is why most authors typically do not require the existence of nn-ary identity elements in the definition of nn-ary groups, and why binary groups are just associative quasigroups.

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