nonabelian groupoid cohomology

**cohomology** * cocycle, coboundary, coefficient * homology * chain, cycle, boundary * characteristic class * universal characteristic class * secondary characteristic class * differential characteristic class * fiber sequence/long exact sequence in cohomology * fiber ∞-bundle, principal ∞-bundle, associated ∞-bundle, twisted ∞-bundle * ∞-group extension * obstruction ### Special and general types ### * cochain cohomology * ordinary cohomology, singular cohomology * group cohomology, nonabelian group cohomology, Lie group cohomology * Galois cohomology * groupoid cohomology, nonabelian groupoid cohomology * generalized (Eilenberg-Steenrod) cohomology * cobordism cohomology theory * integral cohomology * K-theory * elliptic cohomology, tmf * taf * abelian sheaf cohomology * Deligne cohomology * de Rham cohomology * Dolbeault cohomology * etale cohomology * group of units, Picard group, Brauer group * crystalline cohomology * syntomic cohomology * motivic cohomology * cohomology of operads * Hochschild cohomology, cyclic cohomology * string topology * nonabelian cohomology * principal ∞-bundle * universal principal ∞-bundle, groupal model for universal principal ∞-bundles * principal bundle, Atiyah Lie groupoid * principal 2-bundle/gerbe * covering ∞-bundle/local system * (∞,1)-vector bundle / (∞,n)-vector bundle * quantum anomaly * orientation, Spin structure, Spin^c structure, String structure, Fivebrane structure * cohomology with constant coefficients / with a local system of coefficients * ∞-Lie algebra cohomology * Lie algebra cohomology, nonabelian Lie algebra cohomology, Lie algebra extensions, Gelfand-Fuks cohomology, * bialgebra cohomology ### Special notions * ?ech cohomology * hypercohomology ### Variants ### * equivariant cohomology * equivariant homotopy theory * Bredon cohomology * twisted cohomology * twisted bundle * twisted K-theory, twisted spin structure, twisted spin^c structure * twisted differential c-structures * twisted differential string structure, twisted differential fivebrane structure * differential cohomology * differential generalized (Eilenberg-Steenrod) cohomology * differential cobordism cohomology * Deligne cohomology * differential K-theory * differential elliptic cohomology * differential cohomology in a cohesive topos * Chern-Weil theory * ∞-Chern-Weil theory * relative cohomology ### Extra structure * Hodge structure * orientation, in generalized cohomology ### Operations ### * cohomology operations * cup product * connecting homomorphism, Bockstein homomorphism * fiber integration, transgression * cohomology localization ### Theorems * universal coefficient theorem * Künneth theorem * de Rham theorem, Poincare lemma, Stokes theorem * Hodge theory, Hodge theorem nonabelian Hodge theory, noncommutative Hodge theory * Brown representability theorem * hypercovering theorem * Eckmann-Hilton-Fuks duality

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Nonabelian groupoid cohomology is the nonabelian cohomology of groupoids.

This generalizes nonabelian group cohomology, which is the special case of nonabelian group cohomology for groupoids that are deloopings BG\mathbf{B}G of groups GG.


Atiyah Lie groupoid

The Atiyah Lie groupoid At(P)Π(X)At(P) \to \Pi(X) of a principal bundle PXP \to X is the extension of Π(X)\Pi(X) classified by the nonabelian groupoid cocycle Π(X)BAUT(G)\Pi(X) \to \mathbf{B} AUT(G) coming from a connection on PP.

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