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Syntomic cohomology is the abelian sheaf cohomology of the syntomic site of a scheme. It is a pp-adic analogue of Deligne-Beilinson cohomology.

Syntomic cohomology is closely related to the crystalline cohomology of that scheme and may be regarded as a p p -adic absolute Hodge cohomology.

Construction via Prismatic Cohomology

The syntomic cohomology may also be obtained from prismatic cohomology (Bhatt22). Let RR be a p-adically complete ring and let Δ R\Delta_{R} be its absolute prismatic cohomology. It has an action of the Frobenius morphism ϕ\phi. We also have a “Breuil Kisin twist” Δ{1}\Delta\lbrace 1\rbrace and a filtration Fil N Δ\Fil_{N}^{\bullet}\Delta called the Nygaard filtration (see see Bhatt21, section 2). The syntomic cohomology p(i)\mathbb{Z}_{p}(i) is then defined to be the fiber

p(i)(R)=fib(Fil N iΔ R{i}ϕ i1Δ R{i})\mathbb{Z}_{p}(i)(R)=\fib(\Fil_{N}^{i}\Delta_{R}\lbrace i\rbrace\xrightarrow{\phi_{i}-1}\Delta_{R}\lbrace i\rbrace)

This construction globalizes and may be applied to p-adic formal schemes instead of just p-adically complete rings (see Bhatt21, Remark 2.14).


The syntomic site was introduced in

  • Jean-Marc Fontaine and William Messing, pp-Adic periods and pp-adic etale cohomology (pdf)

A construction of syntomic cohomology via prismatic cohomology is briefly discussed in

Further developments are in

  • Amnon Besser, Syntomic regulators and pp-adic integration I: rigid syntomic regulators (pdf)

The following shows that, just as Deligne-Beilinson cohomology may be interpreted as absolute Hodge cohomology, syntomic cohomology may be interpreted as pp-adic absolute Hodge cohomology.

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