nLab simplicial C-infinity-ring




A simplicial C C^\infty-ring is a simplicial object in the category of C∞-rings.


When equipped with the model structure on simplicial algebras over the Lawvere theory CartSp, simplicial C C^\infty-rings are a model for smooth (∞,1)-algebras, hence for (,1)(\infty,1)-algebras over CartSp regarded as an (∞,1)-algebraic theory.

Therefore, in higher analogy to how C C^\infty-rings serve as function algebras on smooth loci in differential geometry, so simplicial C C^\infty-rings serve as function rings on derived smooth manifolds and more general spaces in derived differential geometry.


  • Dennis Borisov, Justin Noel, Simplicial approach to derived differential manifolds (arXiv:1112.0033)

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