super tangent bundle

Super tangent bundles


The tangent bundle of an ordinary manifold is a vector bundle whose sheaf of sections? is given by the derivations of the structure sheaf. The same idea applies to a supermanifold to produce a super vector bundle.


The super tangent bundle TXT X of a supermanifold XX is given by the sheaf UDerO X(U)U \mapsto Der O_X(U).

So a super tangent vector is a global section of this sheaf of derivations.


On the supermanifold 1|1\mathbb{R}^{1|1} with its canonical coordinates

tC ( 1|1) ev t \in C^\infty(\mathbb{R}^{1|1})^{ev}
θC ( 1|1) odd \theta \in C^\infty(\mathbb{R}^{1|1})^{odd}

there is the odd vector field

D θ+θ t D \coloneqq \partial_\theta + \theta \cdot \partial_{t}

whose super Lie bracket with itself vanishes

[D,D]=0. [D, D] = 0 \,.



This odd vector field DD is left invariant with respect to the super translation group structure on 1|1\mathbb{R}^{1|1}.

This means that Lie( 1|1)Lie(\mathbb{R}^{1|1}) is free on one odd generator.

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