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Tropical geometry is often thought of as algebraic geometry over the tropical semiring. Many central results are combinatorial in nature, with relations to the (geometry and combinatorics of) polyhedra, matroids, cluster algebras and toric geometry. Recently it found applications in explaining mirror symmetry at a more fundamental level (see e.g. Gross 11).

Tropical algebraic geometry establishes and studies some very general principles to translate algebro-geometric problems into purely combinatorial ones.

Example In algebraic geometry one often work with polynomials. In tropical geometry, these polynomials are “tropicalized” and this turns them into piecewise linear functions.

For instance: f(x,y)=x 2+y 21f (x, y) = x^2 + y^2-1.

This tropicalizes to trop(f)=x 2y 20=min(2x,2y,0)trop(f ) = x^2 \oplus y^2 \oplus 0 = min(2x, 2y, 0), and this is a piecewise linear curve.

(To see this remember that in the tropical semiring, the sum of two numbers is their minimum, and their product is their sum. x 2=xxx^2 = x\oplus x, y 2=yyy^2 = y\oplus y and so x 2+y 2x^2+y^2 converts to min(2x,2y)min(2x,2y). The 0 will remain mysterious for the moment. (If you cannot wait look at the AARMS notes listed below.))


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We associate a half-integer number, called the quantum index, to algebraic curves in the real plane satisfying to certain conditions. The area encompassed by the logarithmic image of such curves is equal to π 2\pi^2 times the quantum index of the curve. We use the quantum index to refine real enumerative geometry in a way consistent with the Block-G"ottsche invariants from tropical enumerative geometry.

An alternative algebraic framework for tropical mathematics (not based on semirings), “more compatible with valuation theory” has been proposed in

  • Zur Izhakian, Manfred Knebusch, Louis Rowen, Algebraic structures of tropical mathematics, arxiv/1305.3906

Connections to diophantine integration (involving p-adic integration):

  • Eric Katz, Joseph Rabinoff, David Zureick-Brown, Diophantine and tropical geometry, and uniformity of rational points on curves, arxiv/1606.09618

Mirror symmetry for correlation functions of tropical observables:

  • Andrey Losev, Vyacheslav Lysov, Tropical mirror symmetry: correlation functions, arXiv:2301.01687

Miscellaneous: MO questions, discussions, etc.

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