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This page is to collect references dedicated to payment standards which may be relevant for blockchain as well as technologies and regulation needed to aid payment processes with blockchain. Relevant pages in this wiki include fintech, blockchain, blockchain regulation, smart contract, Corda, hyperledger.

Blockchain technology for payments

  • Baringa, Finteum and R3, R3 Reports: An intraday liquidity market using blockchain technology, pdf
  • Distributed ledger technology in payments, clearing, and settlement (FED/DLT report 2016) pdf
  • Bank of Canada, Project Jasper: Are distributed wholesale payment systems feasible yet? pdf 2017
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore, Project Ubin pdf
  • MVC-CAP blockchain revolution in banking, whitepaper pdf
  • TON Payments is a part of infrastructure of Telegram Open Network dedicated to ensuring cheap and fast (micro)payments, see TON Payments, chapter 5 in Nikolai Durov, Telegram Open Network, technical overview, Dec 2017, 132 pp. pdf, mirror pdf
  • Joshua Lind, Ittay Eyal, Peter Pietzuch, Emin Gün Sirer, Teechan: payment channels using trusted execution environments arxiv/1612.07766; Lind J, Eyal I, Kelbert F, Naor O, Pietzuch P, Sirer G S. Teechain: Scalable blockchain payments using trusted execution environments arXiv/1707.05454
  • Working with micropayment channels bitcoinj
  • C Decker, R Wattenhofer A fast and scalable payment network with bitcoin duplex micropayment channels Symposium on Self-Stabilizing Systems, 2015
  • A secure versatile light payment system based on blockchain doi
  • Cognizant, Blockchain for trade finance: payment method automation (part 2) pdf

Blockchain technology for financial securities

  • Christopher D. Clack, Ciaran McGonagle, Smart Derivatives Contracts: the ISDA master agreement and the automation of payments and deliveries, arxiv/1904.01461
  • polymath tokenizing securities; medium article

Digital currencies

  • T. M. Griffoli et al. Casting light on central bank digital currencies, 39 pp., Int. Mon. Fond, Staff Discussion Notes 18/2008 link
  • S. Shah et al. Unlocking economic advantages of blockchain, a guide for asset managers, 2018 report for Oliver Wyman and J P Morgan pdf news coverage
  • George Calle, Diana Barrero Zalles, Will businesses ever use stablecoins?, R3 consortium study, March 26, 2019 pdf (mainly targetted to US regulation)
  • Richard Stallman on digital money alternatives, coindesk

Legacy standards


  • more at blockchain regulation
  • UK Financial conduct authority (FCA), Guidance on cryptoassets, cp19-03.pdf January 2019
  • Financial Stability Board, Crypto-assets regulators directory, April 2019 pdf
  • Tax3 study, Cyptocurrencies and blockchain pdf


  • Li, On default correlation, a copula function approach (2000) pdf
  • P. Bonatti et al. On the integration of trust with negotiation, argumentation and semantics, (2013) pdf

Blockchain is much about avoiding intermediaries. However, it is important to understand that the financial intermediation has its reasons, as known from classical theory

  • Douglas W. Diamond, Financial intermediation and delegated monitoring, Review of Economic Studies 51(3) 393–414 (1984)

This work is heavily referred to in the early blockchain finance study

  • Stephanie Lo, J. Christina Wang, Bitcoin as money, Federal reserve bank of Boston, Current policy perspectives 14-04 pdf

News and companies,

  • Ripple XRP “blockchain for payment”
  • N. Morris, Trade finance blockchain consortia: how they differ, ledgerinsights
  • J P Morgan digital coin Feb 2019; critique
  • cambridge-blockchain.com 3.5M investement from PayPal; “We help financial institutions meet the strictest new data privacy rules, eliminate redundant identity compliance checks, and improve the customer experience.” (digital identity, KYC, GDPR)
  • payger.com
  • identii.com enriching SWIFT with tokens holding additional information on transactions
  • You can now shop with Bitcoin on Amazon using Lightning (April 2019) coindesk
  • Charles Hoskinson (IOHK) speaks at Japan Blockchain Conference 2019 about the new money Satoshi Nakamoto created and why he develops the Cardano Blockchain yt

Relevant traditional payment

  • QR molpay
  • A1 Smartica
  • Western Union partners with crypto wallet for cross-border transfers, bitcoinmagazine
  • www.vestigo.hr (payment software), corner.ch (issuing bank)
  • Real time gross settlement systems ifci.ch/137240.htm
  • The Swiss Interbank Clearing (SIC) payment system pdf
  • Olivier Armantier, Adam Copeland, Challenges in identifying interbank loans pdf
  • investopedia, interbank market
  • Stockholm-based fintech startup Open Payments raises €1.2 million for its PSD2 compliant platform web

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