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Selected writings

Selected writings

On chiral perturbation theory:

On kaon decay in relation to the chiral anomaly:

On electroweak symmetry breaking and the Higgs boson/Higgs field:

On flavour physics, CP violation and flavour anomalies:

  • Antonio Pich, Flavour Dynamics and Violations of the CP Symmetry, Lectures at the 2017 and 2019 CERN - Latin-American Schools of High-Energy Physics (arXiv:1805.08597)

On flavour anomalies:

On right-handed neutrinos in relation to flavor anomalies:

  • Rusa Mandal, Clara Murgui, Ana Peñuelas, Antonio Pich, The role of right-handed neutrinos in bcτν¯b \to c \tau \bar \nu anomalies (arXiv:2004.06726)
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