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Beilinson’s conjectures (Beilinson 85) conjecture for arithmetic varieties over number fields

  1. that the realification of the Beilinson regulator exhibits an isomorphism between the relevant algebraic K-theory/motivic cohomology groups and Deligne cohomology (ordinary differential cohomology) groups;

    (recalled e.g. as Schneider 88, p. 30, Brylinski-Zucker 91, conjecture 5.20, Deninger-Scholl (3.1.1), Nekovar (6.1 (1))).

  2. induced by this that special values of the (Hasse-Weil-type) L-function are proportional to the Beilinson regulator, in analogy with the class number formula and the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture

    (recalled e.g. as Schneider 88, p. 31 Brylinski-Zucker 91, conjecture 5.21, Deninger-Scholl (3.1.2), Nekovar (6.1 (2)))).

The Beilinson conjecture for special values of L-functions follows the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture and Pierre Deligne‘s conjecture on special value of L-functions.


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Michael Rapoport, Norbert Schappacher, Peter Schneider (eds.), Beilinson's Conjectures on Special Values of L-Functions Perspectives in Mathematics, Volume 4, Academic Press, Inc. 1988 (ISBN:978-0-12-581120-0)

A noncommutative analogue is considered in

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