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Hi, this is Chenchang Zhu or 朱晨畅

I’ve got tenured at Göttingen (since 2013), and were long time in its Courant Center (from 2008), before that I was Maitre de conferences (assistant professor) in Grenoble (from 2006), post-doc in ETH Zurich (2004-2006), Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley with advisor Alan Weinstein (2004), undergraduate study in Bei Jing University.

CV, Publication/arxiv, Publication/MathSciNet

Courses/Seminars (upper levels):

Summer 2018 math problem solving

Winter 2017-2018 seminar on higher structures (Higher Lie Groupoids)

Winter 2016-2017 seminar on higher structures

Summer 2016: Symplectic Geometry, using Ana‘s book

Winter 2015-2016 lectures on higher bundle theory.

Spring 2015 seminar on Grothendieck-Teichmuller theory.

Fall 2014 seminar on factorization algebras.

Academic Activities

June 11-22, 2018, SMS 2018, Derived and Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics at Fields Institute, Toronto

May 1-May 10, Simon Center.

April 29-May 1, Applied Category Theory, Leiden, see old friend, John :)

July 2017, Lie Theory and Mathematical Physics at MIT

16.04.2017–21.04.2017, Banff

12.04.2017–15.04.2017, Toronto

17.07.2016–23.07.2016, visit Anton in Geneva

02.07.2016–09.07.2016, Poisson 2016, ETH Zurich, if you want to see how nervous I was while giving the talk :-P

22.06.2016–26.06.2016, visit Giovanni in ETH Zurich.

10.03.2016–13.03.2016, Leuven, visit Ph.D. brother Marco

07.03.2016–10.03.2016, MPI Bonn, (a super active place with infinite many mathematicians, and we made progress again in joint project with Christian :)

28.02.2016–05.03.2016, visit Anton‘s group in Geneva (a wonderful group full of cool young people!! :)

04.01.2016–08.01.2016, Poisson Geometry and Mathematical Physics in Chern Institute Tianjin, China

Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics, MPI Bonn, Oct. 12–17, 2015

3 April – 4 April, a mini-workshop on Poisson geometry in Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan, China

28 Feb–5 March, going to Berkeley :).

16 February–19 February, Hamburg Christoph Wockel’s conference

Urs Schreiber is visiting 29 Jan and gives a talk at GRK colloquium.

Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics, Geneva, Oct. 27–31, 2014 , which is one of the series.


  • AGLA I (2017-2018 winter) (linear algebra)

Academic and Nonacademic Service

Together with Dima Dudko, we organised a course followed by participation in IMC (international math competition), and this year our team got no. 6 worldwise!

I’m one of the people taking care of a chinese culture association here in Gottingen with its Chinese version.

I’m also Gleichstellungsbeauftragte for math institute :).

I organised Girls Day 2016 here in Gottingen for higher school girls.

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