nLab Cohesive Toposes -- Combinatorial and Infinitesimal Cases

This page is about a series of three lectures

  • Bill Lawvere,

    Cohesive toposes: combinatorial and infinitesimal cases

    Como (Italy), January 10, 2008

on cohesive toposes.

Available material includes:

(This might be the first public occurence of the precise term “cohesive topos”. In the 2007 article Axiomatic cohesion it still said “category of cohesion” and in a series of articles preceding that one (see cohesive topos - References), other terms are used. In fact, at the same place but 18 years earlier, at the Como conference on Category Theory, Lawvere used the term “category of Being”, instead, in his Some Thoughts on the Future of Category Theory.)

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