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Selected writings

Selected writings

On boundary conformal field theory:

On Landau-Ginzburg models:

The graded pivotal bicategory of B-twisted affine LG models is studied in detail in

  • Nils Carqueville, Daniel Murfet, Adjunctions and defects in Landau-Ginzburg models, Advances in Mathematics, Volume 289 (2016), 480-566, (arXiv:1208.1481)

Orbifolds of defects are studied in

On permutation D-branes:

On M-theory on S1/G_HW times H/G_ADE:

On torsion in the D-brane charge quantization in topological K-theory related to non-geometric vacua:

Discussion of Rozansky-Witten defect QFT as an extended TQFT via the cobordism hypothesis:

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