nLab Jacob Sonnenschein

Selected writings

Selected writings

On Seiberg-Witten curves understood as transversal factors of M5-brane-worldvolumes:

On supergravity, D-branes and the large N limit of super Yang-Mills theories:

On heterotic M-theory on ADE-orbifolds:

On baryons and mesons in holographic QCD:

On non-perturbative quantum field theory (from 2d CFT to QCD):

On sigma-mesons and omega-mesons mediating baryon interaction, discussed in holographic QCD via D3-D7 brane intersections:

On sigma-mesons and attractive nuclear forces between baryons in holographic QCD (Witten-Sakai-Sugimoto model on D4-D8 brane intersections):

On a TT-deformation of the Skyrme model applied to nucleon scattering:

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