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In theoretical physics, one often considers gauge theory models whose symmetries are groups of large matrices, notably in the special unitary group SU(N)SU(N). The limit of such theories for NN\to \infty (“large number of colours-limit”) has often remarkable properties and string-like features.

This limit is sometimes appearing in its own right, but sometimes it is just considered as an approximation for a system with fixed finite NN. One of the features is that in the large N limit is that non-planar Feynman diagrams lose their importance and that the correlation functions satisfy certain decoupling/factorization rule. The behaviour is studied in terms of expansion in 1/N1/N whose square has a simialr role to Planck constant in semiclassical approximation limit of quantum mechanics.


On the large N limit of QCD at fixed 't Hooft coupling in terms of planar Feynman diagrams:

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