nLab Juan Maldacena

Selected writings

On microscopic explanation of Bekenstein-Hawking entropy via geometric engineering of black holes in string theory as bound states of D-branes:

Discussion of black hole entropy of D2-D6 brane bound states as black holes in string theory:

On D1-D3 brane intersections as spikes/BIons in the D3-brane DBI-theory:

On the AdS-CFT correspondence:

On supergravity, D-branes and the large N limit of super Yang-Mills theories:

On AdS3-CFT2 for D1/D5 brane bound states and black hole entropy in string theory:

On Inönü-Wigner contraction of anti de Sitter spacetimes to pp-wave spacetimes, single trace operators in the AdS/CFT correspondence, and introducing the BMN matrix model:

On boundary conditions (BCFT/D-branes) for the gauged WZW model via parafermions:

On M5-branes in the BMN matrix model:

and a limit where aspects of little string theory become visible:

Proposing ER = EPR:

General aspects of nearly AdS2-CFT1 (JT-gravity/matrix models):

Argument that the image of wormhole traversal under AdS-CFT duality is quantum teleportation:

On AdS2/CFT1 with the BFSS matrix model on the CFT side and black hole-like solutions in type IIA supergravity on the AdS side:

Claim that the proper application of holographic entanglement entropy to the discussion of Bekenstein-Hawking entropy resolves the apparent black hole information paradox:


On magnetic black holes:

Exposition of the BFSS matrix model in view of the holographic principle:

On graviton scattering amplitudes in D=11 supergravity computed via the BFSS matrix model:

and the soft graviton theorem:

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