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Selected writings

Selected writings

Early argument that the RR-field flux density-expressions for D-brane charge are of the form of Chern characters on topological K-theory, leading to the K-theory classification of D-brane charge:

Introducing heterotic string theory:

On anomaly inflow:

The lift of Dp-D(p+2)-brane bound states in string theory to M2-M5-brane bound states/E-strings in M-theory, under duality between M-theory and type IIA string theory+T-duality, via generalization of Nahm's equation (eventually motivating the BLG model/ABJM model):

On the Gross-Neveu model via intersecting D-brane models/AdS/QCD:

Discussion of the gauged WZW term for the chiral anomaly in chiral perturbation theory in view of the full standard model of particle physics:

  • Jeffrey Harvey, Christopher T. Hill, Richard J. Hill, Standard Model Gauging of the WZW Term: Anomalies, Global Currents and pseudo-Chern-Simons Interactions, Phys. Rev. D77:085017, 2008 (arXiv:0712.1230)

On holographic QCD including h1-mesons and b1-mesons:

  • Sophia K. Domokos, Jeffrey Harvey, Andrew B. Royston, Completing the framework of AdS/QCD: h 1h_1/b 1b_1 mesons and excited ω\omega/ρ\rho‘s, JHEP 05(2011)107 (arXiv:1101.3315)

  • Sophia K. Domokos, Jeffrey Harvey, Andrew B. Royston, Successes and Failures of a More Comprehensive Hard Wall AdS/QCD, JHEP 04(2013)104 (arXiv:1210.6351)

On relating the Monster vertex operator algebra and its cousins to quantum error correction:

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